Our Staff

Passionate Educators

Hot Box Yoga is proud to have a staff of teachers that are passionate about making a difference in students’ lives through tireless dedication to education. Get to know each of our team members below.

Shamekia Goldsmith

Yoga Teacher

A childhood interest in exercise lead me to personal training. I first attended yoga classes to “work out” and attended on occasion. Over time ignoring body signals lead to various injures and eventually back to yoga late 2014. I found freedom to quietly explore movement and heal more than my body. I completed a 200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training and continue to learn “I am enough” and hope to pass this truth about themselves to practitioners. Classes are eclectic, balancing structure with freedom while offering guidance for safety and space to play and grow.

Isabella Guzman

Yoga Teacher

Isabella’s classes are inspired by the dynamic energy found in her Ashtanga beginnings. From her Flow Vinyasa 200 hr  Yoga Alliance training, she integrates fluidity, creativity, harmony of breath, and gives special attention to the  needs of the body, mind and most importantly heart. She uses encouraging and knowledgeable language  and themes to nourish the spirit with the wisdom of yoga. Beyond teaching flow and Asthanga principles, she also loves to manifest all aspects of the practice.

Katya Solar

Yoga Teacher

I have an experience in helping people and caring for people. I believe that my desire to help people and my love of yoga brought me to teach yoga. Help them relax, breathe, relieve their stress and be positive about the life. I`m highly motivated teacher of yoga. My gentle guidance and intuitive assists allow students to feel comfortable and find their own path in the practice. 

Martha Juslin

Yoga Teacher

In 2013  Martha walked into Hot Box Yoga studio, looking for a way back into life. She instinctively knew yoga would be a new beginning.  A journey towards an awakening to bring balance to mind, body & spirit. Learning yoga, she was amazed how the breath would ignite her soul.  She began to feel alive, to feel empowered again. With the beginning to a clearer mind, the magic of yoga took over and she fell in love. Starting this adventure, of learning yoga has given her a new passion, a passion to teach this art and share yoga with others. She hopes you will come experience it for yourself, for your life,  and fall in love with yoga eternally.


Yoga Teacher

Emily Krantz

Yoga Teacher

Growing up dancing Emily fell in love with body movement and the powerful effect it has to release emotions. She found yoga in college to work out but gratefully it was a gateway to partaking in many different kinds of meditations that connect the physical body with the spiritual self. When she is not on a mat, you’ll likely find her outdoors or in the kitchen. She is excited for each opportunity to build the passion for meditation together~

Casey is a gypsy soul with a lust for life and a huge heart for humanity. Mother, artist, survivor & seeker, her path led to Vinyasa Yoga in 2001. The practice showed her space- body, mind and soul- and taught her how to breathe through the ups and downs of life. Casey began teaching in 2008, completing her first teacher training in 2009, at Downtown Yoga. She continues to study many limbs on the tree of yoga, and finds so much purpose & joy in sharing her passion with others. 

Yoga Teacher

Casey Silva

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